Reed Dailey

Reed Dailey began his musical journey 15 years ago while living in New York City where he spent years schlepping vinyl and playing various gigs in and around the Lower East Side. After a series of successful events at Orchid lounge, Reed was able to land a weekly residency which he held for two years from 2006-2008. Quickly gaining notoriety in the neighborhood Reed moved down the block to 40C. With nothing but a red door and a dimly lit light above, nothing screamed pure unadulterated fun like 40C. Cheap drinks, dim lighting, and a sound system that wouldn’t stop, once you walked through that red door you knew Reed was going to take you on a musical journey.

After a successful year-long residency at 40C, Reed packed his bags and headed down south to Atlanta GA. Continuing to feed his love for music, Reed founded Dailey Blend, a site dedicated to the sole purpose of promoting quality music and help aspiring DJ’s and producers reach the masses.

Quickly gaining popularity in and around the Atlanta area, Reed launched a weekly podcast under the same moniker ‘Dailey Blend’ which can be downloaded and subscribed to via iTunes and showcases the hottest new house tracks.

Reed currently splits his time between Atlanta and Chicago, showcasing artists and creatives via his Dailey Blend brand and his various podcasts and radio shows.