Journal Update – January, 2018

Personal Update 

2018 is a year that I walk into without having my goals 100% carved out. Below is what I have for now, planning to continue to think through this in a bit more detail and see if I can’t refine my goals just a little more. 

  •  Financial Goals: Using services like Mint; I am trying to save for house upgrades, trips, and silly watches and shoes.
  • Planning: While my job doesn’t always allow me to plan, I am trying my best to plan better both in terms of big trips, short aways, and fun activities with family and friend. Anyone in the Chicago area, please send me suggestions of things to do, places to go etc… I do not know this city at all
  • Music: In the past, I had tried to over complicate my love for music and my desire to crank out content. Work, travel, and life come first and music fell by the wayside. This year I am taking a more relaxed approach to putting out a Dailey Blend Podcast episode once a month and if other projects are produced, then that is just icing on the top
  • Learn: I love learning and often take courses and webinars in my free time. This year I want to learn a few new things. While I have not locked in on all the things I want to learn, I am starting off 2018 with the purchase of D. Ramirez master class from Toolroom Record’s Academy The class cost ~$60, comes with 7 hrs of learning and some templates. I have always said I wanted to make music, so this is my year to step and try. Things I am also interested in learning is more in the photography and lighting space, grilling, and mixology. Searching for classes for those topics, if I find anything I will share.
  • Travel: I love traveling for work and pleasure. This year I want to take a trip to Wine Country, explore the Northern Westcoast of our country and hopefully find a way to get to the Mid-West either in the North for Ski season or the south for golf and relaxation. More to come on my travel’s, if anyone has a really good travel planning and documentation service, please let me know.

Stuff I Like

  • This was the fall of the Big Green Egg. While I am still terrible at cooking on the BGE, I am having a damn good time trying
  • James Nord is a guy I went to high-school with, I happened to come across his Instagram and Tumblr pages a few years back and has been following his ‘Drink with James‘ series and travel with much excite. James is either an ambassador or just a big fan of the brand and well, turned me onto needing a Stetson in my life. So I bought one and am loving it, I highly suggest you get one too
  • If you can’t tell by now, I am a SNKR lover, so much so that I even feature them on my Instagram page, I have a problem. While there are better shoes in terms of comfort, style, and desirability. I must admit for the $90-$110 price point, the Pharrell Williams Tennis HU shoes have been some of my favorites of late. Think of them as the perfect go get coffee, hang around the house, and catch a movie shoe. I suggest the all red ones, they are ridiculous
  • I finally took the plunge and upgraded my house stereo system to Sonos. I am sure that the Apple HomePod will be cool, Sonos sounds great, is Alexa enabled, and just works with all the major music providers with ease.


Music & Podcast Update 

  • I am pleased to announce that my good friend and Chicago’s own Greg #Feelgood is now on iTunes with his #Feelgood Music Podcast. If you like hip-hop, you will love this podcast series.
  • Blend Podcast just reached 116 episodes strong, so be sure to check out the latest and greatest episodes over at iTunes
  • Episode 003 of the ‘Sound Off Podcast’ is available on iTunes. In this episode I interview Chicago’s own Oscar Jonathan Montesdeoca


Fitness Update 

I am pleased to say that I down from circling around 224 lbs. to now circling around 212 plus or minus a bunch of water weight. A lot of this has to do with better eating and not doing HAM on a bunch of holiday food and working out while on the road. Now that we are into a new year, I figured it was time to change things up as I wasn’t really liking the tacking progress of MyFitnessPal. So I went on a bit of a google fitness search to find a new fitness app that delivered on the MFP promise.  With what should undoubtedly be called the worlds worst app/service name ‘Fat Secret‘ is, in fact, a superior offering to Under Armor’s freemium version of MFP both in terms of data capturing but also with analytics and reporting.  Since I was doing a terrible job of entering the data into MFP then transferring it to excel for trend analysis; shocker I know…. I am just going to share my Fat Secret account URL here. I am not a fitness expert, I am not a nutritionist, so if you have any suggestions send me a tweet to @ReedDailey or email me at

Reed Dailey