Journal Update – November, 2017

Hello, world. You might have noticed I have been sort of missing in action on this blog, DaileyBlend, social etc… I started a new job, been heads down working, finally coming back up for air and have a bit more of a refined schedule which will hopefully allow me to be more active on social and the world wide web! I am happy to report that I am finally below the 210 lbs. mark, this is 15 lbs less than where I started. The goal is to hit 200 by the holidays. The key has been keeping it simple, run as much as I can, stretch a lot more, prep more meals, and drink less. Once I get down to under 200 lbs. I am going to really try to tweak my meals, but for now, just keeping it consistent has been key.  

  • Update 1: I am going to wear my Apple Watch more. Apple finally updated the icloud settings which enables you to add your icloud music to your Apple Watch which previously hadn’t worked. Now if Apple will do the same thing with the podcast app, I will be a happy camper 
  • Update 2: I started to cook on the weekends for the week. This really does a couple things for me: allows me to plan my meals, it allows me to get better at cooking on the green egg, it frees me up at night to hang out with my family vs. having to cook. Not having to cook at night also saves my family about $150 a week due to the fact that we are not ordering terrible take-out. 
  • Update 3: You might have noticed that my podcast ‘Dailey Blend’ was removed from iTunes. Somone hacked this site and dropped some code that deleted my xml file and as a result, Apple removed me from iTunes because their services couldn’t index my xml. I am in the process of fixing this issue, hopefully, to be back up and running on iTunes shortly. 


In terms of my fitness and food, I am going to continue to document this, I am trying to be more consistent, life just get’s in the way. The weather has been crisp and outside runs are coming to an end so I am trying to stay out of the gym and hit the streets. The new Adidas Ultraboost shoes + iCloud playlists are making runs that much better. 

Stay tuned, more to come of the fitness and travel progress. To view my progress click the following link here. (I am resetting my week tracker, to week-1 due to the fact I missed so many weeks).

I am not a fitness expert, I am not a nutritionist, so if you have any suggestions send me a tweet to @ReedDailey or email me at

Reed Dailey