REED DAILEY | MY Five Focus Areas For 2017
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MY Five Focus Areas For 2017

Happy New Year! Here we are in 2017, so congrats to all of us for making through what seemed like a crazy 365 days. Like many, I used the holiday break to hit pause, reflect over the last 12 months and what I wanted to accomplish in 2017.

I started to form my annual list of goals (New Years Resolutions). Rather than writing anything down, I decided to head to my trusted blog to document and share these aims. Then it hit me; I had only created four blog posts over the last two years, two of them had centered around goals (NYR). What a shock, how could I let something like this happen? Rather than following the pattern and drafting another meaningless post, I decided to take a step back and look to those on the interwebs who I view as efficient and effective in their right. My go-to-guys are Tim Ferris (, Kevin Rose ( and and Morgan Page ( If you are reading this, you have likely heard of the first two gentlemen and would probably associate them with this sort of activity. However, Morgan Page a DJ/Producer is understandably not someone you would naturally think of in this space, but for me, he has proven to be a thought leader, and his Tips and Tricks website has become reliable reference tool over time (

Ok getting back to my point. So I didn’t want to fall into the same traps as years before where I set some lofty goals that are unachievable. Sure, if the universe was perfect and I didn’t’ have to work 50-60 hrs per week, and I didn’t have to go to the gym, maybe just maybe I could get everything accomplished. After listening to a handful of podcasts, reading a few blog posts from Tim, Kevin, and Morgan coupled with the solicitation of various friends. I came to the conclusion that this year I would not set rigged goals. Instead, I was going to identify five areas of focus that I wanted to address and work on the over time; I would let the focus areas steer me in the right direction.

Five Focus Areas:

  • Live Better: Basically, eat better, drink less, consume more water, and do workouts which take me out of a gym and into nature with friends
  • Meet New People: I moved to a new city, I know a few individuals, I would like to meet more
  • Thoughtfulness: Being more thoughtful and caring to those who are in my life
  • Experiences: More focus on activities/new skills, less focusing on materialistic things
  • Planning: In all aspects of my life, I want to do more planning, planning goes a long way


Let me know what you are hoping to accomplish in 2017. Let’s succeed together.


Reed Dailey

Reed Dailey