It has been a hot minute since I checked in here and even more of a hot minute since I actually logged data on MyFitnessPal. I kind of knew that might happen, that the recording of information might get too much and I would loose track of things. While some might say, I should think about changing things up, I am going to stay the course. I plan on making a few adjustments which should sound simple but for me, will likely go a long way.


  • Update 1: I am going to wear my Apple Watch more. Since I am a massive fan of nice watches this might become an issue and if it does, it might be time for me to look into the fitbit of the moment. The reason for wearing a smart monitor is more of a reminder not to eat a bunch of crap all the time.
  • Update 2: I am going to leverage social media to take pictures of what I eat. So if you follow me on SnapChate (Reed Dailey), expect to see a whole lot more of my boring ass meals
  • Update 3: I cleared out my freezer. Partly cause there was a bunch of crap in there that was really old. The other reason was to know what I had in there and start to pre-make my meals in a batch fashion so they are ready when I need them. 


Plan of action this week is to go to Orange Theory M-Thursday this week, take off Friday and or Play Golf after work. Then Saturday have a long run around my house. From a pure weight stand point, I am down from 224 to 216. I have a vacation planned for the end of August and I want to be as beach ready as this Irish man can be. 


Stay tuned, more to come of the fitness and travel progress. To view my progress click the following link here. (I am resetting my week tracker, to week-1 due to the fact I missed so many weeks).

I am not a fitness expert, I am not a nutritionist, so if you have any suggestions send me a tweet to @ReedDailey or email me at

Reed Dailey